candice navi is an art director and graphic designer in los angeles. 

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candice navi is an art director and graphic designer in los angeles.

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proof that you exist is my graphic design mfa thesis completed at calarts in 2021  🌸 it is a multimedia project documenting my experiences and feelings as a first generation persian jewish american woman.

I confronted assimilation, displacement, and erasure by making a live action tv series, a book, a poster, a workshop, and a monologue. I used graphic design processes like documenting, editing, sequencing, etc. to create one final, tangible body of work.

this poster is a synthesis of all the elements from my thesis.

︎ 20in x 28in poster, 2021
the CalArts Art School Project Archive is a digital archive of final student work completed by art school students at calarts. I worked on the UX and UI with Roman Jaster during the last semester of my mfa. I loved working on UX processes like user interviews + flows, research, and plenty of mobile + desktop design iterations on Figma to create this beautifully robust online archive. the site also includes my thesis 💅🌹 experience the archive for yourself at

︎ ui-ux design,, 2021

بعدش چی شد (what happened after) is a 4 episode docufiction TV series I made for my mfa thesis ✨ each title sequence features a different texture from the house. I loved working on the Farsi titles, shooting hours of footage with my iPhone 8, and editing it all down to 12 minutes 💕🕊🧿 the show chronicles my family’s relationship to our home—the only place through which I access + engage with my Jewish Iranian ancestry.

︎ title design + live action filming + editing, 2021

I designed many posters as part of the calarts school of art lecture series + the graphic design visiting designer lecture series (which I also co-organized from 2019–2021). most of the posters were designed with peers and are an opportunity for creative expression. posters were printed on shower curtains, metallic paper, etc.

artists and designers include Christina Quarles, Actual Source, Anne Ellegood, and Gala Porras-Kim.

︎ various sizes + materials, screenprinted posters, 2020–2021

me, as grad student: selfies taken from my time as an mfa student at california institute of the arts from september 2018 to april 2021 is a printed book of selfies. the selfies, which were taken almost every day, chronicle my changing relationship to space: from campus to shelter-in-place. the book is 244 pages and features 500+ selfies.

︎ 5.5in x 8.5in, selfie book, 2021